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Views of the music video do contribute toward streaming numbers, therefore streaming the music video as much as we can is helpful! We’re sure you all want to help get the views up as fast as possible, but this is a really complicated issue due to the fact that the algorithms behind the method of counting views on YouTube and especially VEVO videos, are really complex and no one knows for sure how they work. However, we know a few important things:

  1. Multiple tabs don’t work!: YouTube blocks your computer’s IP address when you’re streaming the same video in more than one tab. it might work in the beginning, but the IP will be blocked at some point. Therefore, we CANNOT use more than one tab to watch the video. The same goes for playlists or tumblrs/websites with multiple videos that play at once.
  2. 30 secs = 1 view is NOT true!: We don’t have any reliable info that can prove to us that watching 30 second of the video will give it one view. This logic might work for regular videos, but it may not work for official videos like the VEVO ones. Why is that? Views count toward charting. YouTube, therefore, will be very picky about counting views. So, make sure to watch the ENTIRE video!
  3. Refresh the page, don’t click replay!: Once you’ve watched the entire video, don’t click on the replay button on the video. You need to refresh the entire page. That way your new view will count for sure!

Helpful tips:

  • Use auto refresh: There is a plug in for the Google Chrome browser called Auto Refresh. You can set it to refresh your page after the video is finished. That way, you can have it playing non stop and all the views count!
  • International fans, change your IP address: Views count for Billboard but only views coming from US IP addresses. So we need EVERY international fan to change their IP to an American one before streaming the video. Learn how to do this via our tutorial here.